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Greater Sarasota Jr Golf Association

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Middle School Golf is starting soon for all Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte county 6th, 7th and 8th graders.  Visit for more information.  North Parent Meeting is March 15, 2015, and South Parent Meeting is March 21, 2015.  Middle School Golf Brochure


Have you signed up for your 2015 GSJGA membership yet? Our Winter Tournament Series schedule is currently listed on the website. Make sure you sign up for membership first and upon approval, you may sign up for events.



Congrats to our 2014 Players of the Year...

Futures Tour/ 9-Hole Division

Girls 10 & Under = Sienna Cassella

Girls 11 & Over = Halie Keech

Boys 10 & Under = Aaron Setiawan

Boys 11 & Over = Oliver Warren

Regular Tour/ 18-Hole Division

Girls 12 & Under = Ashlyn Einwachter

Girls 13 - 15 = Alyssa Mercado

Girls 16 - 18 = Victoria Cangero

Boys 12 & Under = Matthew de Heus

Boys 13 - 15 = Josh Perna

Boys 16 - 18 = Andrew Hammett

Additional Awards

Girls Lowest Stroke Average - Caitlin Cotterill - 74.4

Boys Lowest Stroke Average - Andrew Hammett - 73.2

Ronald T. McClellan Sportsmanship Award - Sophia Warren

Mike Clayton Sportsmanship Award - Jimmy Laurin

Patti Wadsworth Memorial Award - Courtney Cotterill



A big THANK YOU to for their sponsorship in 2014 of all our trophies and prizes.


2014 POLICIES in effect immediately...

Cancellation fees after a deadline has passed will be $10 and will be deducted from the refund.  Late entrants will also pay an additional $10 and entry will be based solely upon availability. Consistent withdrawels from competitions will result in 100% forfeiture of entry fees or suspension from tournament entry. Dress codes will also be strictly enforced, girls shorts must have at least a 5" inseam. We will escort you to the Pro Shop and request you purchase more appropriate clothing or you will forfeit your spot into the event.  Country Club attire is expected at ALL times. No hats will be worn backwards or they will be taken away until completion of the event.






We are so pleased to call the The Meadows Country Club home of the Greater Sarasota Junior Golf Association. They have been so supportive of our organization and have also created a membership that is relatively inexpensive as an option for GSJGA families. For info regarding that membership, please call their Membership Director, Ms. Glenda Bachner, at 941-378-5957.



If you have any questions, please contact GSJGA at or leave a message at 941-376-3684.

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WEATHER:  If you think that weather might cancel an event,

please check our website first for any cancellation information

or call the number listed above. Please contact the hosting club

ONLY as a last resort.